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Everyone knows what a logo is. It’s that shape or wordmark companies use to represent their company; like Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches (M), or Northwest Mutual Funds' compass N. While a great logo is only a small part of your brand, branding is a more holistic view of how your customers experience your company. It includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company: from commercials, celebrity spokesperson, endorsements, product packaging, store design, TV, radio, in movies, sponsorships, in-store graphics, retail environs, hang-tags, the music in commercials, the design of your website, print ads, product photography, illustration, tag-lines, product slogan, technology, and on and on and on…  Again, it’s every touch point they have with your company. So, why does it matter? Why should I care that THE POD does logo design and branding? Because, while the initial contact with your company is via your logo, your customers experience your brand through everything else. Working on your logo is just one small part of what we do well in a large collection of graphics. We consider all aspects of what makes up a brand, and integrate that into your design process. Ready to start your branding project with THE POD? Request a Quote for your Logo Design or Branding Project. Give us a call at 1-905-867-6024 or drop us a line at:

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