Fashionable furniture that feels good

Branding Packaging Design/ Illustration Photography Editorial /Content In-store Display Since 1983, Korson Furniture Design designs, customizes, imports and distributes contract quality home furnishings to top tier and mid-level furniture retailers and interior designers. The brief was to showcase modern, living spaces that create an emotional response. Their selection of distinctive furniture and accent pieces represents the most inspirational and finely-crafted pieces available today. Ready to start your project with THE POD? To request a quote, give us a call at 1-905-867-6024 or drop us a line at:

Group Brands: simple, memorable, timeless, relevant, versatile and unique.

Many kinds of things can become brands. For us brand design is a calculated means of communication. And since your brand is the probably first, and last impression that your customer will experience when they're introduced to your business – how your target market value your services must reflect that in the look and feel of the brand, and we will strategically develop this with you so your brand design accurately represent your work, especially in cases of overlapping and interconnected brand equity.

Tribeca - the essence of youthful exuberance

The ultimate in paring things back to simplicity, beauty and comfort. The brief was to showcase the youthful comforts of exceptional furniture. Telling the lore of accumulated mastery, allowing words to form dimensions and structure providing a harmonious counterpoint.

Inspire your furnishings. Furnished by your inspirations.

The basic strategies for implementing Made-to-Order (M2O) are supply chain simplification, concurrent design of versatile products and flexible processes, the mass customization of variety, and the development of a spontaneous supply chain - all with the capability to quickly build mass-customized products upon receipt of spontaneous orders with little or any forecasts.

Sofa Studio – introducing the welcome committee

Branding Packaging Design/Illustration Photography Editorial /Content

Global Home - a fresh serving of sustainable furniture!

Our task: To showcase eco-friendly furniture as a natural choice for a stylish and conscious home, and to discredit the myth that eco-friendly decor was a thing only hippies cared about. If you’ve ever purchased an eco-friendly furniture, chances are you’ve come across Global Home. Handmade in sunny Vietnam using 100 percent acacia wood (without retardants or chemicals), Global Home furniture is sustainable through and through. The brand also gives one percent back to environmental causes as well and is certified to be climate neutral.