Purify Your Indoor Comforts

Design Illustration Photography In-store Display With the Bionaire® brand of products, you can enjoy the perfect home environment using products that work in harmony to create pure, clean living. The Indoor Living Purifiers create the ideal blend of Air Purity and Air Movement to maintain the ideal air quality and comfort for your home, helping to provide a healthier home environment. Eliminate common air contaminates like dust, pollen, mold and pet dander from the air. Ready to start your project with THE POD? To request a quote, give us a call at 1-905-867-6024 or drop us a line at: admin@thepod.me

Softer and Gentler Solutions for Heated Moments

Design Illustration Photography Instore Display The premium-soft and silky, Sunbeam® Heated Blankets and Bedding wrap you in warmth with ThermoFine® technology to auto-adjust for consistent heat control and 10-heat settings. Preheat setting warms up cold sheets so you can slip into toasty comfort at bedtime. Also features auto-off for added peace of mind.

Keeps Food Fresh up to 5 Times Longer

Design Illustration Photography Instore Display Before FoodSaver became a well-known brand in stores, we were asked to help promote and increase awareness and interest in their "Vacuum Seal" product, through in-store merchandising and establish the brand as the ultimate vacuum seal device, targeting in-store shoppers and turning them into customers. We developed large and small display environs that constantly beat the drum... "KEEP FOODS FRESH UP TO 5-TIMES LONGER", making the phrase synonymous with FoodSaver. FoodSaver is now one of the flagship franchises within the Jarden Consumer Products portfolio of brands.