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Design/Illustration Prototyping In-store Display/Environs In a competitive retail environment, brands need to look for innovative ways to secure shelf space and increase product visibility. Gravity feed tray solutions are effective for prominent product and brand messaging while helping your products stand out from the competition. Especially if they are self contained in the carton. A quick and easy, Step-1-2-3, space organizing solution for the retailer and the cat owner. PURINA's Fancy Feast 24 and 36-Pk cartons with gravity feed trays are the perfect accompaniments to a medley of gourmet cat foods. As a row is pulled out, the next row will slide forward keeping the display looking fuller longer. The angle provides an appealing in-store display, and to restock requires only to 1). open a new carton, 2). put the gravity feed tray in an angled position, and 3). replace the empty carrier with the new one. Keep cans organized and easy to reach. Ready to start your project with THE POD? To request a quote, give us a call at 1-905-867-6024 or drop us a line at: admin@thepod.me

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Tail-wagging, track-stopping displays that moves products forward, and influence consumer perception. Consider this! A consumer is exposed to hundreds of different products and advertisements, during a typical visit to the grocery store. Research shows that consumers spend an average of 27 seconds making a decision in an aisle, making the shelf appeal of your product incredibly important. That's why we think, it is important to make your product stand out, grab the customer’s attention, further your brand, and influence consumer perception.